Free Medical Spell Checker

Free Medical Spell Checker 3.0

A basic medical spell checker for checking the spelling of medical words

Free Medical Spell Checker is a very basic spell checker that allows you to type in letter by letter the medical word you are interested in, to help you to discover the correct spelling of medical term. After I have installed the program and launched it, it presented a little window without features that displays two alternate adds at the bottom and simple user instructions. Typing in a word prompted the program to display an alphabetical list of medical terms and words. These terms and words cannot be selected but, after I typed in the correct spelling of a word I discovered from the list, I could right click on the text bar to select the word and copy it to my clipboard for pasting into a document. The menu bar in the program displays three options: about, exit and to check for updates, but there are no other options. Because it is a basic medical spell checker, and not a dictionary, no meanings for any of the words are expressed, only an alphabetical list without grammatical usage. Abbreviated terms included in the list are not deciphered also. This program may be useful for medical students because it does contain many medical terms that are unlikely to be used by ordinary home users.

R. Fernandez
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  • Low use of system resources
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  • Limited by basic list
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